Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tex Avery and the Golden Collections

At the Golden Age Cartoons forums, Houserunner ponders why Tex Avery has been so underrepresented so far on the Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVDs:

I read LTGC VOL.5 news. Yes, it looks like another great set, Robert Clampett is my second favorite cartoon director, so Clampett disc is a great news to me. But, I don't understand why five volumes of Looney Tunes not had one Tex Avery disc. Yes, I believe Tex Avery set will happen newt year or in the near future, I agree Tex made his best cartoons with MGM but he made so many innovative, influential classics with WB. But, after five volumes of LTGC, not one single Avery disc? I don't understand.

Janiepooh34 is blunt:

Why? Because the people that make the decisions are idiots.


Avery also has the worst representation of all the directors on the Golden Collections (7 measly cartoons. Even Clampett and Tashlin have much much better showings). As a matter of fact, we've had two WHOLE Golden Collections with no Avery shorts whatsoever. Why? Is is because Avery's WB cartoons are considered inferior to his MGM cartoons?

J. J. Hunsecker has a theory:

It's probably because most people prefer the WB cartoons from the 40's and 50's (the classics most people remember from childhood). The cartoons from the 30's are largely unknown to most audiences, and are probably a little troubling for Warners since most of them are in black & White or are somewhat crude in their animation. Most of Avery's Warner cartoons are from the 30's, so you can see why an entire disc hasn't been devoted to him.

Leviathan isn't so sure about that:

They had no problem giving Tashlin his own disc (full of '30's cartoons, animation quality comparable to the Van Beuren cartoons from earlier in the decade). And a Clampett disc is imminent (Most likely More 30's cartoons). Furthermore, Avery's color cartoons greatly outnumber his B/W cartoons (He made only 12 B/W cartoons, since he worked exclusively in the Merrie Melodies from 1937 through for all intents and purposes his Departure to MGM)

Jack has a different theory:

I think they're trying to space out some of the more marketable content in the discs (and regardless of whether Avery's WB work was crude or not, he is actually fairly well known to a lot of people, so his name on anything is a draw). I think it'll happen, we just need to wait for it.

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