Monday, July 2, 2007

Popeye, DVNR. Yes or no?

ParamountCartoons93 asks if the new Popeye DVD will use DVNR. (Here's an explanation of what DVNR does to cartoons, for those who aren't sure). Jerry Beck quickly puts everyone at ease:

You are worried about nothing. They will be unedited. No DVNR. I promise. [The restorations] will blow you away.

He even posts an image from one of the cartoons to ease people's minds.

This backfires a bit. Dphirschler comments:

Based on the "action" frame posted, I see evidence of DVNR. You can see vague shadows of the previous frame in that one. That's the tell-tale sign.

Not everyone agrees, however. Thad Komorowski:

That frame doesn't have DVNR, that's the girl's sexy see-through outfit.

So it looks like the jury's still out on this one; we'll have to wait until the DVD actually comes out to know for sure.

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