Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Jerry Beck has posted the poster for the upcoming Chipmunks movie over at Cartoon Brew. It ain't pretty:

The reaction, not surprisingly, is somewhat critical. Doctor Awkward comments:

It’s not the fact that they’re making a movie of the Chipmunks that I don’t like, it’s that The Chipmunks are now re-envisioned as “gangsta” or “Ghetto” or whatever. I’m not going to judge the movie already, but I can’t say that the poster is giving me high hopes. Well, look on the bright side. At least The Chipmunks actually look like chipmunks now. With the rate of how old cartoons are being turned into movies, I can’t wait for the Jabberjaw movie that I bet will come out Holiday 2008.

Tom says:

They Poochie D’d them! Notice that that’s Jason Lee again- voice of Underdog this year. He’s fallen a long way since voicing Syndrome in the Incredibles.

Zekey agrees:

My pet parakeet was sitting on my shoulder when I opened the full sized poster for this thing. The bird burst into flames. What is with this recent “let’s take everything old and remake it” thing. I mean, it’s always been about, but this year it’s ridiculous. Is Micheal Bay directing this to? Will the chipmunks have gold teeth like real rappers? Will they pop a cap in someone’s ass?

Craig tries to stay optimistic:

Having help animate the opening title of the 80’s TV show back in the day, under the supervision the son of the original creator, Ross Badgesarian Jr., I can only hope still is just part the schtick for one particular musical number. I don’t think you can capture the audience if you can’t see the “eyes” of the characters. This must be a test.

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