Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Taste Visualization

Michel Gagné, the lauded artist/designer behind the "taste visualization" sequences in Ratatouille, has posted a link to his website on the Animation Nation BB, where he has some conceptual artwork and info on how these sequences were achieved. People seem mostly impressed:

Two of my favorite scenes! Made me think back fondly to the "meet the soundtrack" moment in Fantasia and darned if it didn't occur to me that you must have had a hand in doing those bits. Very, very fun piece; in a movie filled with the atmosphere of food this got me to experience taste. Thank you!

Not everyone is so enthused, though:

I thought this was a very interesting concept, but the final result felt a little conservative in art terms.I like your work, Mister Gagne,yet I wish I'd seen a little more color, flair and exoticism in some of those shots. Cool, but not pushed enough.

You can't please everyone, I guess.

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