Monday, July 2, 2007

The 20 Year Curse?

Semaj has posted posted an interesting observation at the Animation Nation BB:

Why does it seem like somebody or something wants to kill off Disney animation every 20 years?

1940's: WWII causes Disney to put full-narrative films on hold while most of their resources were put into wartime training and propoganda.

The anthology films were minor successes, which kept the studio alive thru near-bankruptcy. Walt Disney takes his next shot at full narratives with Cinderella, wherein the film's failure would've ended the studio for good.

He goes on to state that Disney animation was in trouble in the 1960s, the 1980s, and early in 2000. Mr. Fun replies, skeptical that Disney is even out of trouble at this point:

Today, Disney is more a marketing and distribution company than a creative one. Do I wish it were different? You bet I do. But, business is business, and I doubt things will ever be the same. ... In the old days, creative people ran the studios while the "suits" spent their afternoons in the bar or on the golf course. Today, managers meddle in every detail of production because they feel they have to. Today's films cost millions, and should they fail to deliver, someone's head is gonna roll.

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