Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Cheapquels" -- good or bad?

Jerry Beck has posted a link to an interesting article over at Cartoon Brew: it's an article which takes the unusual position of defending Disney's now-defunct direct-to-DVD sequels. From the article:

Perhaps ticket buyers (i.e., parents) long for a different era of animation. If so, Disney's sequels will do a much better job of reminding them of the animated classics than the slick gagfests in today's theaters. Despite their straight-to-DVD status, there's nothing cheap or knocked-off about the animators' work on these sequels. They have a rich, hand-drawn look that few studios' CG efforts can match.

The readers of Cartoon Brew aren't buying it. RR comments:

A good point is made here. But must we rehash and shove roman numerals onto classics to enjoy this “different era of animation”? I’d rather my children watch the original Bambi one hundred times than the Bambi sequels 1 through 100.

Emily agrees:

What a strange article. I actually saw a couple of the Disney sequels, and they were enjoyable in a certain way - it’s fun to see more 2D Disney animation. However, they are not original. The plots I’ve seen were very contrived and I hate those manipulative moments where you can see them trying so hard to pull at your heartstrings. I don’t think that playing off of the original jokes and plots with a new “twist” is really any more creative than fart jokes. Just think if they put all that animation energy into creating original characters and engaging plots - wouldn’t that be more fun?

And Floyd Norman really agrees:

Oh, please!

Those damn sequels were about nothing else except making easy money. Just be honest and admit it.

The “Old Man” would bitch slap those greedy executives.

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