Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cartoon Alley canceled?

It could be, according to Nelson on the Golden Age Cartoons forum:

Just finished reading the September schedule on TCM and it appears that Cartoon Alley will no longer be on the TCM roster after this month.In Sept, TCM will replace CA with a "Boston Blackie" double feature throughout the month, as the channel will continue to air cartoons during the "One Reel Wonders" segments.

No one seems too moved. MF Toon says:

They rarely show any rare cartoons and nearly every short is already available on DVD. The programming on this series in comparisson to TCM's live action films, is frankly quite poor and lazy. Plus the host, Ben Mankowiecz (sp?) doesn't seem to know much if anything about the cartoons he introduces. You would think the network would at least find the equivalent of a Robert Osborne or an authorized animation historian to speak of the films they are screening. Once in a while, they will present some older black & white Warner films or early MGM shorts, but overall it's a missed oppurtunity.

Personally I think it would be sad to see one of the last few places to see classic animation on television go away, but that's just me.

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