Monday, July 2, 2007

Straight-to-video no more

At the Animation show forums, Reverend Ned posts the news that Disney will no longer be producing cheapo direct-to-DVD sequels. From the news piece:

"Although the direct-to-DVD sequels - such as "Meet the Robinsons 2," "Chicken Little 2" and "The Aristocats 2" - have generally been very profitable, the new Chief Creative Officer of Walt Disney, John Lasseter, has publicly said the sequels are inferior to the originals and erode the Disney brand."

And of course, people seem happy about this:

"As bad as these cheapquels were, they were still highly lucrative for Disney, so the folks at Wall Street are probably not going to be as enthusiastic about this as we are. However, the fact that Lasseter and Co. were gutsy enough to pull the plug on this speaks volumes about the good times that are ahead.

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